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Doing it with style


Opera ONLY Sliding Doors
A new version of sliding doors using just the link
Shadow text
Adding a 'shadow' effect to text using content:
Target practice
Using :target to dynamically change page styling.
Two tone headings
A method of producing two colour text using content:.
Drop down menu
A drop-down menu using an unordered list and li:hover.
Cascading menu
A fly-out menu using an unordered list and li:hover.
Adding extra content using just CSS.
Mozzie box
A demonstration of using :hover on a div.
Rainbow box
A Demonstrating of border transparency.
Snooker cue
Border art and border transparency to produce a snooker cue.


Here I hope to demonstrate some of the CSS features that are possible in Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Safari etc. in other words non-IE browsers.

This will be based on the fact that these browsers allow the :hover pseudo class to be used on any element, which gives more scope for dynamic content such as drop-down, pull-out and cascading menus.

19th May 2007

Since starting this section, IE7 has appeared on the scene, and this browser has made the move to support :hover on any element. So the title of this section is a little misleading. I may have to revise this on any future redesign.

Most of my demonstrations can be used without asking for permission. However, some will require email approval first. Just check each page for the copyright requirements before use.

If you are having problems integrating any of my demonstrations into your website then I now offer a service to fault find and correct any errors that you may have introduced. Please email me for more information.


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If your donation is for the use of a demo then please email me with the demo url after making your donation.


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