Responsive menu without media queries


This layout is fully responsive without the need to use media queries.

Even the columns resize and realign as the page size changes.

Works with any number of columns.

The grid of images below is also produced using CSS columns with the size and number of columns controlled by the columns styling. Again media queries are not used.


The menu works in all the latest browsers, operating systems and devices.

It is also fully responsive without the need for media queries.

So click/tap either 'DEMOS' or 'MENUS' to slide open their sub menus, and click/tap the same top level to close the sub menu.

The initial number of columns in the sub menu can be adjusted to suit your layout.


This menu can be used subject to the following terms and conditions.

If you wish to use this menu in your website(s) please email me stu{at} seeking permission.

Users agree not to remove or edit the credit notice within the stylesheet, or claim that this menu is their own.

Donations are always welcome and help to keep CSS PLAY up and running.

Responsive image grid without media queries