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Date : 6th February 2010

For all modern browsers

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Drop Everything!


The ONLY gaphic used in this menu is the photograph of the butterfly, all the rest of the demo is down to css3 styling.

As with the last menu, this works in all browsers but some get better styling than others. The only three 'final release' browsers that can reproduce all these styles are the latest releases of Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, but I am informed that the next release of Opera will be able to correctly style this menu. I will add the additional styles when the new version of this browser is released.

So Firefox, Safari and Chrome will have all the styles radius corners, text-shadows, linear gradient fills, and radial gradient fills, all other browsers will have plain boxes and text.

This is just a demonstration of what will be possible with css3 once all browsers support this. But if you don't mind some browsers not seeing the full styling then you can move over to this menu now.

Because of all the time and effort spent in producing this demonstration I would ask that you respect my copyright.

  1. If you are using this on a personal web site then please retain the copyright comment in the stylesheet.
    A support donation is now required for this demonstration.
  2. If you are using this on a commercial web site, or as a paying job for a client, then please email me asking for permission - stu{at} and again a support donation is required.
  3. If you are having problems integrating any of my demonstrations into your website then I now offer a service to fault find and correct any errors that you may have introduced. Please email me for more information.

Terms and Conditions

This demonstration can be used subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. If you wish to use this demonstration in your website(s) please email me stu{at} seeking permission.
  2. You may NOT place this demonstration on another site for others to download.
  3. You may NOT redistrubute or resell this demonstration.
  4. Users agree not to remove or edit the credit notice within the stylesheet, or claim that this demonstration is their own.
  5. Please see the Copyright statement above regarding the requirement for a support donation.


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