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BOXESCSS3 - 3D Animated Jack in the Box

Date : 11th March 2012

For Safari, Chrome and Firefox

Hover the box to start the animation and music

This demo is too wide for your mobile screen.
Please view on a tablet or PC.

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About six years ago I produced a simple jack-in-the-box demonstrations using the latest CSS techniques of the time. This can be seen in the previous demonstration (click the 'previous' button below).

Now with Firefox supporting CSS3 3D transforms I have updated this demo, so hover the box to start the demonstration.

You will also notice that I have used just CSS to start/stop the music when hovering the box.

This demo shows bugs in Firefox rendering of the animation where it sometimes shows random vertical lines to the right of the winder as it turns, and also a bug in Chrome where the faces are not rendered in the correct order.

If you click this link to the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) you will find a download link and also a 'like' button.

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